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AP drainage machines


Through automatic laser control the knife, which pulls the drainage hose through the ground at the desired depth, is kept at height accurately. The depth can be adjusted until 1,7 meters. Due to the slim shaped knife this drainage machine will leave no visual effect behind. The tilting angle of the blade will be measured and automatically adjusted by a slope sensor. 

Because of the solid and heavy construction the machine weighs 3 tons. This weight is necessary to enable the machine to go smoothly through the ground and to obtain a proper distribution of weight on the tractor. To be able to pull the drainage machine a tractor of about 147 kW (200 hp) is required. 

The AP drainage machine is developed in collaboration with contractor De Vlijt from Noord-Beemster (Holland).

AP drainage machines

AP drainage machines


Standard equipment:

  • Tempered steel knife
  • Side-shift for pulling line adjustment 
  • Hydraulically controlled reel holder for 2 rolls drainage hose (optional 4 rolls)
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Hydraulic drawbar at tractor 
  • Hydraulically adjustable receiver mast 
  • Hydraulically driven cut-off unit for drainage hose 
  • Danfoss 6-fold valve block (load-sense)
  • Danfoss digital level
  • Topcon laser receiver, System V control box, slope sensor
  • Socket for the tubes
  • Platform around the frame
  • Storage tube for tripod
AP drainagemachine
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In werking
AP drainagemachine
AP drainagemachine
AP drainagemachine
AP drainagemachine
AP drainagemachine
AP drainagemachine
AP drainagemachine

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