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Lasers and tripods
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Lasers and tripods


AP Machinebouw is dealer of Topcon's lasers and machine control.


Construction lasers

The RL-H4C is a reliable, rugged general construction laser that increases the quality and efficiency. Horizontal, sloep and long range capabilityes in one tough package. Working under all conditions, even when it's snowing. 


Slope lasers

The RL-100 1S provides single slopes from -5% up to +25% and comes complete with the LS-80A laser receiver, sensor, sensor holder and battery pack + charger.  The RL-100 2S provides dual slopes up to +/- 10% in the X-asis or up to -5 to +25% in the Y-axis. The RC-400 remote allows complete control of the RL-100 2S up to 300 meter. 

The RT-5SW is slope laser with auto alignment with a range of  : X: +/- 10%, & : +/- 25%. Supplied with automatic temperature correction and adjustable wind sensitivity. 


New is the RL-SV2S, a horizontal, professional multi-task rotating laser for construction and interior jobs (also for vertical applications). Comes with a LS-80L receiver with a large range and a RC-60 remote control. 


Machine receivers

This very small machine receiver has a length of only 18 cm. Attached with a magnet quick-clamp ideal for small excavators. Through the bright multi-color LED displays you can check from the corner of your eye whether the receiver is too high or too low. . 


The LS-B10W has the same characteristics as the LS-B10 but it operates wireless. To increase the visibility a RD-100W remote-display can be used in the cabin which provides the same information to the driver as the information the receiver displays. Together with the integrated CAN support this system can be used on (future) automatic machine control. 



The LS-B100 series consists of the LS-B100, LS-B110 and the 110W. This series offers highest accuracy and a large working range. They have a slope indicator in two directions with which one can measure even faster and more accurate.  The offset of the "on-grade" position can be altered to create a larger work area. The LS-B110 can be connected to the Topcon control box so one is able to control the hydraulics of the machine. 



The remote display RD-100W displays all information of the receiver so the driver can read it in the cabin.  The RD-100W is wireless connected to the LS-10W or LS-B10W and constantly provides the driver with actual information. 



AP sells firm aluminum tripods for agricultural and earth moving jobs. There are 3 current models up to a height of 3900 mm. 
All the tripods can be adjusted in height through pendelum control. The aluminum tripods are light in weight and therefore easy to move. 




Lasers and tripods

Lasers and tripods


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