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AP grading boxes

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AP levellers

AP Powerblade 2200

AP powerblades

AP grader Tornado

AP attachment graders


AP push blades

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AP tractor planes

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VHZ 2500

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AP snowsweepers

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AP leveldumpers

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Lasers and tripods

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Laser and GPS control


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Laser and GPS control
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AP Machinebouw is dealer of Topcon's lasers and machine control   


AG GPS control

AG GPS control is specially developed for agricultural (levelling) means. It is highly accurate and for everyone simple to use. It can be equipped with Topcon AGform 3D-software to edit a field or to create a terrein. This set can also be used for the previous surveying of a field. 


Low budget

Also available : simple single laser control, with control box, wiring and receiver. Please contact us for further information. 


AP Machine control box MB-1
With baseline-adjustment, everything to be controlled with 1 joystick. 



Laser and GPS control

Laser and gps control


See "Brochures".

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Hydraulics leveller
Hydraulics leveller
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Hydraulic valve

Please contact us for further information. 

Telephone number : 0031 527 618 246. E-mail address : info@apmb.nl