AP 3D-Levellers

AP 3D leveller

The AP 3D-levellers are especially designed for working with 3D control (Total Station or GPS). The blade functions the same way as a dozer blade with a fixed turning point in the middle of the blade. The height is controlled through a fixed finishing plate (with a changeable wear plate). Furthermore the machine is equipped with an intelligent slope sensor (MC2 sensor) that, if necessary, corrects the leveller at a high reaction speed.

The difference between the 3D leveller and the Push Pull leveller is that the 3D leveller can put the blade at a slope from a fixed turning point and the Push Pull leveller from two independant hydraulic cylinders.

The AP 3D leveller is available in two types :

  • Type TT is equipped with a turntable so you can simply switch between forwards driving (build in) and backwards driving (final finish).
  • Type PP is, just like the Push Pull leveller, provided with a detachable carriage to switch between forwards and backwards working.

Standard equipment

  • Removable Hardox knives
  • Removable Hardox bottom
  • 5-Way (PP) / 6-way (TT) proportional hydraulic block
    including accumulator and cables
  • Hydraulic doors
  • Sensor for backwards / forwards driving (so the control automatically recognizes the appropriate driving direction)


Technical specifications


TypeBlade height
Working width
Working width with doors open cmWeight kg
(depending on options)
3D-LEV 2000 TT602002701600
3D-LEV 2200 TT602202901700
3D-LEV 2450 TT602453151825
3D-LEV 2650 TT78265371,52525
3D-LEV 2850 TT78285391,52700
TypeBlade height
Working width
Working width with doors open cmWeight kg
(depending on options)
3D-LEV 2000 PP602002701200
3D-LEV 2200 PP602202901300
3D-LEV 2450 PP602453151425
3D-LEV 2650 PP78265371,52150
3D-LEV 2850 PP78285391,52350



  • APMB-1 control box
  • 3D unlock code for Topcon
  • 3D total station with MC2 sensor
  • 3D single GPS with MC2 sensor
  • Extendable masts with scaling
  • Special version for rocky conditions,
    with cylinder protection and safety valves for the doors
  • Sprayed in a color of choice
  • All common quick attachments


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