AP Auger Buckets – Type VDC

Series AP VDC – double-sided discharge (double auger bucket)

The AP auger bucket type VDC is equipped with two augers so that the auger bucket can discharge the feed both left and right. By the use of a control valve both augers can also rotate simultaneously.

On both the VDC and the VDCE types the auger suspension is constructed to ensure minimal resistance of the feed during discharging. The hydraulic motor is protected by a shearbolt overload protection.

The models for wheel / front loader are standardly delivered with electric/hydraulic control, the rear-mounted models come as standard with a manual control valve but can optionally be provided with an electric valve.

The VDC is suitable for use to tractors or wheel / front loaders and can be equipped with all common quick attachments. Widths from 120 to 253 cm, the capacity varies from 700 to 1875 litres.

Options Type VDC Auger Bucket

Fodder beet / potato cutting device 
The fodder beet cutting device enables the AP auger bucket to cut and discharge fodder beets and/or similar products within a single operation. The fodder beet cutting device is equipped with a 8-bladed rotating knife with blades from tempered manganese steel and is supplied with a protective cap, a heavy hydraulic motor and, on type VDCE, an extra protective bracket on the bucket. For the cutting of potatoes a 10 or 12 bladed knife is optionally available.

Fodder beet cutting device VDCE (8-bladed knife)

Potato cutting device with potato knife (12-bladed on picture, standard 10-bladed)

Mechanical or hydraulic shut-off valves

The use of a shut-off valve increases a safe operation of the AP auger bucket and prevents loss of feed.
The mechanical shuf-off valve opens by the pressure of the feed during discharging and closes automatically by the spring pressure if the discharging stops.

The hydraulic shut-off valve is especially recommended for the discharging of feeds with a low dry matter content and / or a fine structure. Hydraulic shuf-off valves guarantee a virtually hermetically sealed auger opening.

Stainless steel wear bottom or plate

Animal feed often obtain aggressive and acidic substances that can damage the machine. To prevent damaging, the AP auger bucket can be provided with a stainless steel wear bottom or plate on the inside of the bucket. This extends the service life of the auger bucket during intensive / frequent use.

■ Rotor cutter device

All VDC’s from 1.75 m can be equipped with a rotor cutter, provided with a protective cap. This is (mainly) used to cut and shovel maize and dose it afterwards. The rotor cutter is coupled to the auger bucket and is hydraulically driven.

Three-, four- or fivefold electrically-hydraulically controlled control valve

If the AP auger bucket is provided with multiple options, more control valves are required. Because the wheel loader or tractor often do not have sufficient double functioning valves and to avoid a tangle of hydraulic hoses an electrically-hydraulically controlled control valve can be built-on. All functions can then be controlled in an instant.

■ Mixing device

The VDC types 2000ZU and 2250ZU can be provided with a mixing auger that is driven mechanically by a cam wheel and thus practically free of maintenance. This machine is a separate category within the series VDC and therefore differs in some aspects from the standard rear and front mounted buckets (see Technical specifications VDCX).

Technical specifications series VDC


Type Capacity
Releasing side Weight
VDC 1750 ZU 1050 178 L + R 545
VDC 2000 ZU 1200 203 L + R 575
VDC 2250 ZU 1350 228 L + R 605
VDC 2500 VZU 1875 253 L + R 725

For wheel/front loader including reinforcing plate and electric control (if necessary) 

Type Capacity 
Releasing side Weight
VDC 1170 FB 700 120 L + R 265
VDC 1370 FB 825 140 L + R 300
VDC 1570 FB 950 160 L + R 335
VDC 1750 ZU/FB 1050 178 L + R 500
VDC 2000 ZU/FB 1200 203 L + R 525
VDC 2250 ZU/FB 1350 228 L + R 600
VDC 2500 VZU/FB 1875 253 L + R 700

•  Standardly equipped with hydraulic hoses and ½” male BSP couplings
•  Necessary hydraulic power : 25 l./min. (VDC 2500 VZU 40 l./min.) – 180 bar (max. 50 l./min. – 200 bar)

Technical specifications series VDCX

Two-sides releasing auger bucket with mixing device 

Type Capacity 
Releasing side Weight
VDC 2000 VZUX 1500 220 L + R 750
VDC 2000 VZUX/FB 1500 220 L + R 750
VDC 2250 VZUX 1600 245 L + R 815
VDC 2250 VZUX/FB 1600 245 L + R 815

• Standardly equipped with hydraulic hoses and ½” BSP couplings
• Necessary hydraulic power : 40 l./min. – 180 bar (max. 70 l./min. – 200 bar)

FB = For wheel / front loader

ZU = Heavy version of high quality steel (plate thickness 5 instead of 3 mm and auger blades 8 instead of 4 mm)

VZU = Increased version (+15 cm)

VZUX = Mixing device, auger with mixing paddles


AP Auger buckets