AP Cubicle bedders – type AS

Series AS

The type AS is a simple yet solid, self-loading machine that can process multiple products at a constant spreading pattern. A large conveying auger ensures a forced output to both sides of the machine. Thanks to this forced output it is possible to spread the bedding material (mentioned below) over a large width.

Because the machine is equipped with a mounting frame the AS is suitable for both front and rear attachment. When used in the front of a machine the bedder can be provided with all common quick attachments (boltable) for front / wheel loader or telescopic handler. Only one double functioning valve is required.
When used behind the tractor, a 3-point linkage will be mounted. In  this case the tractor must be supplied with two double functioning valves. If it is equipped with only one double or single functioning valve a 2-fold control valve can be optionally mounted on the cubicle bedder.

The AS is suitable for the spreading of:

  • Sawdust
  • Dried manure
  • Shortly chopped straw (< 3 cm)
  • Shreds
  • Wood chips
  • Downsized materials

Technical specifications series AS

Type*Capacity litresWidth cmWeight kg
AS 1500900150360
AS 17501100175385
AS 20001300200410

* Standard : front attachment
• Standardly equipped with hydraulic hoses and ½” male BSP couplings
• Necessary hydraulic power : 30 l./min. – 180 bar (max. 60 l./min. – 200 bar)

Options series AS 

■  Three-point linkage
■  Two-fold control valve
■  Pressure relief valve
■  All common quick attachments



AP Cubicle bedders – type AS