AP Cubicle bedders – type ASM

Series ASM

Type ASM is a cubicle bedder for intensive use that can process nearly any type of bedding material by means of two powerful agitator shafts. Due to the special shape of the bucket the loading of the material is easy. The ASM can also be used to process corn and/or mixed feed from a feed mixer.

Because the machine is equipped with a mounting frame the ASM is suitable for both front and rear attachment. For use with a front / wheel loader or telescopic handler the bedder can be provided with all common quick attachments (boltable). Only one double functioning valve is then required.
If the bedder is used behind a tractor a 3-point linkage will be mounted. In this case the tractor must be supplied with two double functioning valves. If it is equipped with only one double or single functioning valve a 2-fold control valve can be optionally mounted on the cubicle bedder.

All cubicle bedders, type ASM, are delivered with scrapers (separately). By mounting these scrapers on the dispensing shaft the the separately supplied scrapers the volume of material on the conveyor belt can be increased.

The ASM is suitable for the spreading of:

  • Sawdust
  • Chopped straw
  • A mixture of straw/lime/water
  • Horse manure
  • Paprika and tomato stems
  • Compost & digestate

Technical specifications series ASM

TypeCapacity litresWidth cmWeight kg
ASM 15001100150485
ASM 17501300175530
ASM 20001500200575
ASM 25002400250775

* Standard : front attachment
• Standardly equipped with hydraulic hoses and ½” male BSP couplings
• Necessary hydraulic power : 30 l./min. – 180 bar (max. 60 l./min. – 200 bar)

Options series ASM 

■  Three-point linkage
■  Two-fold control valve
■  Pressure relief valve
■  Adjustable bottom plate
■  All common quick attachments