AP Grab buckets – type PGX / TGX

Series PGX / TGX

The AP grab buckets, type PGX / TGX are heavy, robust machines with a large capacity, suitable for use to a heavy telescopic handler or wheel loader. The stiffening profile in the bucket gives the machine extra strength to allow the PGX / TGX to accomplish the toughest tasks.

The increased back profile avoids spilling of feed. Thanks to the ingenious geometry the upper frame (when opened) will not extend the bucket. This makes it possible to move the bucket to a wall and shovel all the material, so no rests will be left behind and the upper frame will not touch the wall.

The PGX / TGX is provided with heavy pivot points and can be equipped with all common quick attachments (welded).

The types PGX come with fixed tines (thickness 25 mm) and an extra heavy frame with 3 pivot points. The types TGX are equipped with removable Kverneland tines and an extra heavy top frame with 2 pivot points. Widths from 260 to 300 cm, the capacity varies from 2,25 to 2,70 m³.

Technical specifications series PGX / TGX

TypeWidth cmDepth cmHeight cmCapacity m³*Weight kg
PGX 2600260140130/1902,001800
PGX 2800280140130/1902,202060
PGX 3000300140130/1902,402300
TGX 2600260140130/2002,001400
TGX 2800280140130/2002,201475
TGX 3000300140130/2002,401525

* Capacity when frame is closed
• Standardly equipped with hydraulic hoses and ½” male BSP couplings
• Necessary hydraulic power : 50 l./min. – 180 bar (max. 80 l./min. – 220 bar)

Standard equipment series PGX / TGX

  • Extra stiffening profile in bottom
  • Increased back profile
  • Reinforced back
  • Plate thickness 10 mm (extra strong steel Domex 420)
  • Wear-resistant Hardox knife on back side
  • Double, wear-resistant knife in 500 HB grade steel
  • Pressure safety valve
  • Welded quick attachments

Options series PGX / TGX

■  Increased perforated plate on back / bucket
■  All common quick attachments
■  Preparements for Z kinematics


AP Grab buckets