AP Grader Blade – Type Twister

AP Grader blade type Twister

The AP Grader blade type Twister is a grader blade suitable for skid steers, medium-sized wheel loaders and tractors. The blade can be rotated to an angle of 25 / 30 degrees left and right thanks to the industrial ball bearing turntable. This smallest type attachment grader is equipped with a grader blade in widths from 160-280 cm and is designed for the (laser controlled) levelling or sloping of subsoils.

The AP Twisters are perfectly suitable for the levelling / maintenance of sand / gravel paths (among other things) in for instance civil engineering and forestry. Furthermore they are used for the maintenance of roads in orchards,  recreation areas or unpaved municipal paths.
Thanks to the forwards driving direction the driver has a good view of the work. Another major advantage is that the tractor / skid steer / wheel loader drives on the already slid lane so that deviations in the result in the first pass are already minimal, the driver’s comfort is optimum and it is possible to drive at high speed.

The grader blade can directly be put on the desired depth. In only a half pass a flat subsoil is ready so one can immediately start working or driving. When the grader blade is adjusted to slope it is possible to create a roof profile of for instance a sand or gravel road in one single pass, forwards and backwards.

  • Effective and less expensive replacement for a motor grader
  • Easy to couple to each self-propelled vehicle
  • Easy to operate by manual, laser or GPS control
  • Various options
  • Good view on the work

Technical specifications AP attachment graders – type Twister


TypeTwister ITwister IITwister III
Wheel loader requirements<1,8 ton
gross weight
1,5 - 3,6 ton
gross weight
3,2 - 5,5 ton
gross weight
Blade width
Blade height
Overall length
mm (without attachments)
Overall height
Wheel base
Blade rotation angle25° l/r30° l/r30° l/r
knife mm
Range side shift
Cutting angle-5/0/5/10°-10/-5/0/5/10°-10/-5/0/5/10°
Elevation range mm285300300

The cutting angle of the grader blade is in steps adjustable to obtain the optimal cutting angle at changing surfaces.

Options AP attachment graders – type Twister

■  Extendable mast with scaling
■  Laser control and components
■  APMB-1 control box
■  Sonic tracker
■  Slope sensor
■  Machine receiver
■  Side blades
■  Hydraulic doors
■  Side shift
■  Sprayed in a color of choice (if RAL number)


AP Twister III 2600

AP Deutschland Vorsatzgrader

Letzte Woche haben wir an die Bernds Reitbodensysteme GmbH den AP Twister ausgeliefert. Ausgerüstet haben wir den Vorsatzgrader mit Laserempfängern der Topcon Deutschland Positioning GmbH. Wir wünschen den Mitarbeitern der Bernds GmbH viel Erfolg mit dem Gerät. #apdeutschland #topcon #vorsatzgrader #planiereinrichtung #lblgmbh #berndsreitbodensysteme

Geplaatst door AP Deutschland GmbH op Maandag 18 mei 2020