AP Irrigation machines hydraulically driven

AP hydraulically driven irrigation machines

The hydraulically driven AP irrigation machines are available in various versions. There are 4 models that come with a built-on PTO pump, a built-on motor pump or a hydro-kit.

Choosing the proper irrigation machine depends on several factors like the length of the parcels, the desired amount of precipitation per ha. or per hour and the amount and type of water supply.

The range consists of the types Midi, Mixi, Maxi and Gigant. The types differ in drum height and width, track width, hose lengths and diameters etc.

The unique hydraulic winding system is characterized by the low power requirements and distinguishes itself by a low fuel consumption compared to the turbine driven machines or other winding systems.
The drum of the AP irrigation machine functions as diesel tank. This large tank ensures carefree irrigation during dry, busy periods.

The 4 types are equipped as follows : 

Standard equipment MIDI and MIXI with hose 110 and 125 mm:


  • Caprari MEC-DMR 65-2/2A or Caprari MEC-DMR 80-3/2C pump (PTO pump machine).
  • Self-priming Caprari MG 80-4/3 water pump with FPT diesel motor (motor pump machine).
  • 7 Meter 4” suction hose and 4” strainer including hydraulic lifting arm (optionally 5″).
  • Approval certificate EU regulations 167/2013.

Standard equipment MAXI and GIGANT with hose 110, 125 and 140 mm:

  • Caprari MEC-DMR 80-3/2C pump (PTO pump machine).
  • Caprari MG 80-4/3, Caprari MG 80-4/4 or Caprari MG 100-2 HT water pump with FPT diesel motor (motor pump machine).
  • 7 Meter 5″ suction hose and 5″ strainer including hydraulic lifting arm (optionally 6″).
  • Hydraulic support legs and hydraulically controlled turntable.
  • Types MAXI and GIGANT with hose 140 mm are standardly provided with a 6” suction hose and instead of 5″.
  • Approval certificate EU regulations 167/2013


All types are standardly equipped with:

Hydraulic support legs
By a simple manual operation the support legs can be hydraulically strutted. After each irrigation cycle the support legs will automatically be put in transport position.

Automatic pick-up gun cart
At the end of each irrigation cycle the gun cart will be picked-up automatically whereby the irrigation machine is immediately movable.

Twin-track angle and width adjustable gun cart
This unique 5″ galvanized gun cart, with a track following hose, ensures minimum crop damage. The optimal spray pattern can be achieved with the help of the angle adjustment.
Track width 1.50 to 2.25 m.
Modularly built, including a reinforcement of approx. 100 kg. The gun cart is provided with mounting brackets for a possible sensor cable.

Nelson SR150 sprinkler with three nozzles.

Automatic idling
While pulling out the hose it is idling, which means the pulling out requires less power.

Automatic reel brake
Self-adjusting brake that is activated during the pulling out, to prevent loose windings.
Types MAXI and GIGANT come as standard with a hydraulic drum brake.

Ball bearing and maintenance-free turntable that enables a smooth adjustment of the spray direction (per 7 degrees).
Types MAXI and GIGANT come as standard with a hydraulically driven turntable.


Quick winding system through tractor’s hydraulics
By using the two supplied hydraulic hoses, the gun cart/sled can be reeled in quickly through tractor’s hydraulics without irrigating, in case of rain or otherwise desired.

Drain set and sponge ball
Unique system, designed especially for winter storage. With the help of compressed air a sponge ball is blown through the hose which consequently idles completely and is being cleaned internally.

The AP irrigation machine is completely secured against water pressure, winding errors and the end of the irrigation cycle.

Approval EU regulation 167/2013
All AP irrigation machines comply to the legally required European approval requirements for towed (agricultural) vehicles and are delivered with an approval certificate or licence. The machine is standardly provided with road lighting, wideness safety signs, certified drawbar and air braked wheels (inclusive of the required braking decelaration). The AP irrigation machines do not exceed the maximum height of 400 cm and the maximum width of 300 cm.
Applying for a licence plate is only possible if the machine is supplied with an approval certificate.

Without this approval it is not permitted to drive on public roads ! 

The machines come as standard with a certified drawbar with a Ø 40 mm eye. Optionally available : drawbar eye 50 mm, rotatable drawbar eye Ø 50 mm or a K80 drawbar eye.

Additional options:

Second sprinkler
This small sprinkler is mounted on the guide tube, in the middle behind the drum of the irrigation machine. Control can be done by a ball valve, a timer or a plc.

Larger sprinkler 
Nelson SR200 sprinkler with 3 nozzles.

Diesel tank in the drum
The closed drum construction makes it possible to use it as a diesel tank. As an additional extra gauge glasses are available.

Self-propelled version
The irrigation machine will be equipped with two extra hydraulically driven wheels that can be lowered so the irrigation machine can be moved without the use of the tractor for a next irrigation cycle.

Motor pump unit in low-noise housing
The motor pomp consists of a combustion engine that drives a centrifugal pump. The moving parts are protected by fitting grills. All is easily accessible for service works and obviously provided with excellent sound insulation.

Hydro kit
The hydro kit comprises a Yanmar diesel engine with built-on oil pump, assembled in a low-noise housing. This set makes sure that all hydraulic functions, like the winding of the hose, the hydraulic turntable, the hydraulic support leg etc. can be carried out simply and reliably.  

PLC control
The by AP developed control system enables a completely controlled and monitored irrigation. Starting, stopping of the motor, hose length and speed regulation etc. etc., all easily and clearly to set and to read.

Web application & smartphone app
With this online application the present and past data of the AP irrigation machine(s) can be monitored. The app allows the user to follow the irrigation machine(s) real time by the smart phone.

Hose lengths and diameters per machine


MIDI, track width 1920 mm.

Hose ∅ 110mm, lengths: 340 mtr and 415 mtr.

Hose ∅ 125mm, lengths: 295 mtr.

MIXI, track width 2070 mm.

Hose ∅ 110 mm, lengths: 500 mtr.

Hose ∅ 125 mm, lengths: 340 mtr.

MAXI, track width 2250 mm.

Hose ∅ 110 mm, lengths: 540 mtr and 620 mtr.

Hose ∅ 125 mm, lengths: 480 mtr and 550 mtr.

Hose ∅ 140 mm, lengths: 340 mtr and 420 mtr.

GIGANT, track width 2595 mm.

Hose ∅ 125 mm, lengths: 680 mtr.

Hose ∅ 140 mm, lengths: 500 mtr.