AP Foldable grading boxes

AP Foldable grading boxes 

The AP foldable grading boxes are used for major work. They are available in working widths from 400 to 800 cm with a blade height of 110, 130 or 140 cm. The foldable grading boxes are hydraulically foldable to 265 cm for road transport. All AP grading boxes are delivered with an approval certificate EU regulations 167/2013 and thereby providing the possibility to apply for a licence plate. All foldable types can be equipped with grader function, laser, LPS or GPS control.

Both foldable blade parts fold in forwards. When the grading box is active both parts rest in the stops so the hydraulic cylinders are not subjected to great forces during grading. Due to the special blade with 2 radii the ground always keeps “rolling”, even if the grading box is getting more fuller. The gooseneck drawbar is positioned at a measured distance from the special blade and the soil so the ground cannot get jammed under the drawbar. The gooseneck drawbar makes sure that the material in front of the blade has enough space to “roll”.

The position of the drawbar is a determining factor in the permissible volume of material. The result of the grading and the power requirements of the tractor depend on the way the ground moves in front of the blade. If the bucket is full and the ground touches the drawbar then the ground will not “roll” anymore because the ground will accumulate under or around the drawbar. The grading box is full and pushes the ground ahead; besides that the grading box may be lifted due to the large amount of ground under the drawbar. This makes accurate levelling impossible and will increase the power requirement and therefore the fuel consumption. All this is prevented by the drawbar construction of the AP foldable grading boxes.


Standard equipment

• Blade height 110, 130 or 140 cm.
• Electric-hydraulic proportional control.
• Hydraulic blade adjustment (cutting angle).
• Hydraulically foldable wheel set.
• Hydraulically locking wheel set.
• Hydraulically foldable to 265 cm (for road transport).
• Securing of the pendulum axles during transport.
• Central hydraulic slope adjustment.
• Mechanically adjustable support skids.
• Tandem wheel set with 4, 6 or 8 wheels 380/55R17(KB 110), 500/50R20(KB 130), 560/60-22.5(KB 140).
• Air braked wheels for road transport.
• Hardox 500 knives.
• Delivered with approval certificate EU regulations 67/2013 and thereby providing the possibility to apply for a licence plate.


Technical specifications

TypeBlade width mmFoldableNumber of wheelsNecessary power hpWeight kg
KB 110/400-2654000Hydraulically4100/2004500
KB 110/450-2654500Hydraulically6120/2205000
KB 110/500-2655000Hydraulically6140/2405100
KB 110/600-2656000Hydraulically6160/2605300
KB 130/550-2655500Hydraulically6250/3508650
KB 130/700-2657000Hydraulically6250/4009450
KB 140/700-2657000Hydraulically6270/50010000
KB 140/800-2658000Hydraulically8290/50010500


• Grader function blade.
• Hydraulic doors.
• Visual slope indication.
• Laser, LPS or GPS control.
• APMB-1 control box.