AP Mini grading boxes

AP Mini grading boxes – type MKB

The AP mini grading boxes are perfectly suitable for garden and landscaping. Where space or soil conditions does not permit the use of a larger grading box, the AP mini grading box achieves an excellent result. The grading boxes with a 3-point connection are electrically/hydraulically controlled. Working widths from 150 to 200 cm, the height is 55 cm.

The mini grading boxes are mainly used in equestrian centres, sports fields, stadiums and stables. Deviating sizes or performances on request.

All types are delivered with an approval certificate EU regulations 167/2013, thereby providing the possibility to apply for a licence plate.

Standard equipment

■ Changeable Hardox knives 16 mm
■ Open top frame
■ 2 Wheels
■ 1 Double functioning lifting cylinder
■ Fixed sides
■ Swivelling drawbar eye

Technical specifications

TypeWorking width
Plate thickness
MKB 55/150 pulled150556320/45-12
MKB 55/150 3-point150556320/45-12
MKB 55/180 pulled180556320/45-12
MKB 55/180 3-point180556320/45-12
MKB 55/200 pulled200556320/45-12
MKB 55/200 3-point200556320/45-12


■ 4 Wheels instead of 2
■ Hydraulic doors
■ Hydraulically controlled 3-point linkage
■ Single / double slope adjustment
■ Visual slope indication

AP MKB 55/200 UZH

■ Hydraulic swerve drawbar
■ Dirt scrapers on tires
■ Track wiper (mechanical or hydraulic)
■ Laser, GPS or LPS control