AP Push Pull Leveller

AP Push Pull leveller

The AP Push Pull leveller is especially designed for doing 2 jobs with 1 machine. You can build in materials pushing forwards and thereafter you can level your plan driving backwards. It can be coupled on both sides of the wheel / tracked loader. Through a sensor the control knows in which direction you are operating and will automatically change the steering from left to right and vice versa. It is highly accurate in its finish and will deliver the perfect design.

The AP Push Pull leveller is in many ways a combination of the AP Powerblade and the AP BullBlaster leveller, the advantages of this machines have been brought together.

Standard equipment 

  • Removable Hardox knives
  • Removable Hardox bottom
  • Hydraulic doors
  • Quadruple hydraulic block proportionally controlled,
    including accumulator and cables
  • Sensor for backwards/forwards driving
  • 2 Stainless steel receiver masts

Technical specifications AP Push Pull leveller


TypeWorking width cmWorking width with doors open cmBlade height cmWeight kg
PP 140014022052650
PP 160016024052675
PP 180018026052700
PP 200020028052740
PP 220022030052775
PP 245024533565850
PP 265026535565900


  • APMB-1 control box
  • Extendable masts with scaling
  • Topcon LS-B110 machine receivers
  • AP slope sensor
  • 3D, GPS or total station
  • Topcon sonic tracker
  • Vertical indication on APMB-1 box
  • Height indication on APMB-1 box
  • Sprayed in a color of choice
  • Quick attachments