AP Turbine driven irrigation machines

AP Turbine driven irrigation machines

An AP turbine driven irrigation machine is a machine without own pump and motor drive. The irrigation machine is driven by a PTO pump or motor pump unit on a distance. Available with hose lengths from 350 to 600 meters and diameters 100, 110 and 125 mm.

The AP turbine driven irrigation machines are standardly equipped with:

Gear box with 4 gears, turbine with integrated bypass valve.

Hydraulic support legs
The support legs can be hydraulically strutted by the tractor’s hydraulics.

Automatick pick-up gun cart
At the end of each irrigation cycle the gun cart can be picked-up by the tractor’s hydraulics whereby the irrigation machine is immediately movable.

Twin-track angle and width adjustable gun cart
This unique gun cart with a track following hose, ensures minimum crop damage. The optimal spray pattern can be achieved with the help of the angle adjustment.

Track width 1.50 to 2.25 m

Automatic idling
While pulling out the hose this is idling, which means the pulling out requires less power.

Nelson SR150 sprinkler with 3 nozzles.

Automatic braking
Self-adjusting brake that enters into force during the pulling out, to prevent loose windings.

Ball-bearing and maintenance-free turntable that enables a smooth adjustment of the spray direction (per 7 degrees).

Quick winding system through tractor’s hydraulics 
In case of rain or otherwise desired the gun cart/sled can be reeled in without irrigating through the tractor’s hydraulics. Without PTO.

The irrigation machine is secured against winding errors and the end of the irrigation cycle. When a computer is mounted the machine is also protected when it stops rolling-up.

Road lighting
The irrigation machines are standardly equipped with road lighting.


Technical specifications AP turbine driven irrigation machines

TypeDiam. hose mmLength hose m.
T1ø 100350, 400
ø 110300, 320
T2ø 110450, 500, 550
ø 125350, 400, 440
T3ø 110550, 600, 650
ø 125500, 550