Loading platform

This AP loading platform is developed and produced to customer specifications. The purpose of this loading platform is to unload trucks with roller crates. The unloading platform is brought at the loading height of the truck by 4 hydraulic cylinders after which the roller racks are driven from the truck to the unloading platform by an electrically driven trolley, in rows of approx. 6m. Hereafter the loading platform sinks to the ground floor so the rows can be driven away.

The loading platform is supplied with a control box. This box can be moved so that the loading platform can be controlled from the platform as well as from the ground floor.


• In height adjustable loading platform: 2500mm x 13000mm
• Height loading platform adjustable from 350mm to 1650mm
• Ramp : 2500mm x 6000mm
• Height ramp adjustable from 350mm to 0mm
• Platform : 13000mm x 1100 mm (minimum transit 800mm)
• Height lifting parts : 4000mm


The loading platform, the unloading platform and the area are surrounded by a fence for the safety of the employees. To warn the employees and visitors for the dangers, safety instructions and pictures are posted. The two entrance fences are supplied with switches which detect if the gates are closed. When a fence is closed, the platform does not operate